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     Quite often we are asked if we would get back together to perform for a special occasion "knock 'm down, drag 'm out" wild bash such as a bar mitzvah or retirement party and how much would we charge? Not long ago, a multi-billionaire Arabian oil baron asked ABBA if the 4 piece group would come out of retirement to play for his wife's birthday party and offered them a billion dollars. ABBA responded by saying that a billion dollars sounded like a lot of money but when you divide it 4 ways, it was only 250 million each. They declined.

     Even though we all have busy schedules, we still love to perform so contact our business manager and make us an offer.

     Some of our critics hinted in the tabloids that we are starting to show signs of aging. Let it be known that we are still younger than the Rolling Stones and that all 5 of us combined have fewer wrinkles than Keith Richards.

     Maybe you can catch us at the next Cochrane High School Reunion... or maybe not.



Copyright 2007 Gary Pearce