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Airport Hill Gang (2008)

Mr. Baseball

Little Rock Star

Waterslide Man

Johnny B. Goode

The Airport Hill Gang
Jordan "Mr. Baseball" Pearce: vocals
Angela "Little Rock Star" Pearce: vocals
Gary "Waterslide Man" Pearce: guitar, vocals, bass
John "Johnny B. Goode" Leadbetter: lead guitar

1. Baseball (written by Jordan Pearce)
Jordan likes most sports but he loves baseball. This is a song he wrote about the game he loves.

2. Waterslide (lyrics by Gary Pearce)
In 2007, the Pearce family went to Toronto to see the "High Five" concert. They stayed at the Delta Chelsea which houses a humongous waterslide and the family managed to coerce Daddy into going down the dreaded slide. Not only did Daddy escape the near tragic ordeal relatively unscathed, he managed to write about his harrowing experience.

3. It's Hockey Day Today (written by Jordan Pearce and Gary Pearce)
Jordan's favourite sport is baseball and Daddy's is hockey. In 2008, Hockey Night in Canada decided to discontinue their long standing theme song and had a songwriting contest to replace it. Daddy rewrote the words from the Baseball Song but unfortunately, due to technical scheduling and recording difficulties, we weren't able to get the song ready in time and missed our big chance. Here it is anyway. Don Cherry, eat your heart out.

The band would like to thank:
Heather "Mummy" Pearce: Photography
*Ivan Charette: Drums on the Baseball and Hockey songs
*Mr. Charette appears courtesy Brother Love recordings Inc.

(Written and recorded by the infamous Airport hill Gang 2008.)

Copyright 2007 Gary Pearce