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     After not playing together for close to 3 decades, "Brother Love" rocked at the 1997 CHS reunion. They had such a great time that they decided to record a CD "Brother Love - Reunion" to preserve the awesome memories.

     The CD features 12 tracks. Eight of them are the same songs Brother Love played in the old high school gym back in the late 60's. Two are live tracks recorded at the 1997 reunion. Another is "Reunion", the Cochrane High School reunion song written by band member Gary Pearce. The final track is an unplugged acoustic version of "Reunion". Tracks include:

1.   Intro (Live At The Reunion)
2.   Reunion "CHS Reunion Song" (Gary Pearce)
3.   Really Got Me (Ray Davies)
4.   She's Not There (Rod Argent)
5.   Sometimes I Think About (Gilbert-Scala-Thelheim)
6.   Keep Me Hangin' On (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
7.   Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix)
8.   Sunshine Of My Love (Clapton-Brown-Bruce)
9.   Dirty Shame (William Hawkins)
10. Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire)
11. Outro (Live At The Reunion)
12. Reunion "Unplugged" (Gary Pearce)

Brother Love Is:
Ivan Charette, Serge Chretien, Rolly Cote, Gary Pearce, Gary Skidmore

Recorded At: Flipside Studios, North Bay, ON, Canada

We Would Like To Thank:
Dave Warrell for additional harmony vocals on 2 & 6
Kathleen Cote for additional harmony vocals on 10
Pete Dawson for guitar and vocals on 12
Our parents for putting up with all of our loud music


Writing the "Reunion" song stimulated Gary Pearce's interest in songwriting. He penned a number of tunes and recorded them with a group from North Bay called BLAST. Their CD, "Here to Rock and Roll", features a wide variety of music ranging from the heavy rock title song "Here to Rock and Roll" to a couple of ballads. The lineup includes:

Here To Rock And Roll
Guitars And Girls
Lost In The Night
Lost In The Night (Unplugged)
Blast Band Blues
Things Don't Come Easy

BLAST IS:  Steve Clarke, Pete Dawson, Barry Green, Pat O'Kane,
                    Gary Pearce, Paul Pruneau, Mark Robinson

For more info, pics and CD availability, hit:  www.blastrocks.com


Copyright 2007 Gary Pearce