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After 30 Years Grynstone released their first CD. It features 11 classic Grynstone cover tunes as well as the original "You're Not Foolin' Me" written by Dave Warrell. It was recorded by Cochrane Native David Draves at Little Bullhorn Studios in Ottawa, Ontario.
Grynstone first appeared in public in 1970. Since then, many musicians have appeard on stage under our banner: Dave Warrell, Rolly Cote, Brent Rotondo, Ken Beadman, Syd Beadman, Ivan Charette, Ray Burns, Maurice Papineau, Paul Muldoon, Kevin Cotgrave, Carrie Clermont, Dan Sigouin, Dan Belisle, Gary Pearce, Reg Charette, John Longstreet and others are all part of this volume.
To all our friends, roadies, and groupies: Without you the music would not have happened. For all the support we thank you. We hope these songs bring back pleasant memories for you. They certainly do for us.


Copyright 2007 Gary Pearce